27 Sep 16 Aussie AgTech Startup Takes Out Top Prize

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SenseAg takes out top prize at IBM DataFirst Event

Aussie AgTech startup takes out top prize in global IBM big data competition

NEW YORK, NY — (27 September 2016) – SenseAg™, a new Agricultural Technology (AgTech) startup based in Melbourne, Australia, today received first prize in the global Apache Spark™ Makers Build by IBM – a competition which invited participants from around the world to build an Apache Spark™ application to address a real business problem or core business concern related to customer care, marketing, risk management, or operations. Entries were judged by an expert panel, with representation from IBM, Netflix, Telsa and 4Quant Ltd. This award was announced live at the IBM DataFirst Launch Event held in New York.

SenseAg was recognised for its agricultural intelligence platform which provides farmers, big and small, with real-time, decision imperative and actionable information based on their farm’s key metrics, as measured by a distributed network of sensors and analysed by SenseAg in the cloud. By putting agricultural intelligence at the fingertips of farmers, SenseAg helps to boost efficiency, increase productivity, and ultimately a farm’s profitability and competitiveness.

SenseAg would like to thank IBM for sponsoring the competition and Devpost for facilitating the Makers Build.

If you saw what they were doing with Spark in Agricultural Farming and using that to determine how to optimise where they have water placement etc. it was absolutely phenomenal

Ritika Gunnar, Vice President, Offering Management, IBM Analytics

Something I really didn't think would be submitted as one of the contenders in terms of how we are leveraging Spark in the community

SenseAg helps farmers by providing

  • Continuous collection of environmental data by sensors deployed across their farm
  • Real-time view of farm conditions from anywhere at any time
  • Automatic alerting when measurements meet user-defined conditions
  • Analytics to help farmers understand how areas across a farm respond to events
We’ve worked really hard to build a powerful yet simple platform that can take a huge amount of data from the field, analyse it to understand what's going on and then present this to the farmer in a way that allows them to take swift action, without needing to sift through tables of data or pages of graphs. We’re incredibly excited about the future for SenseAg and AgTech innovation in Australia.

 Anthony Marsh, Co-Founder, SenseAg

SenseAg is now seeking industry partners. Expressions of interest can be made at https://www.senseag.com/contact.



SenseAg is an Australian Agricultural Technology (AgTech) startup that brings together the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), distributed sensor networks, big data, advanced analytics and machine learning to deliver real-time and decision imperative intelligence to the agricultural community. SenseAg was founded in April 2016 by Anthony Marsh and Mike Seddon.



To learn more about SenseAg or the IBM Apache Spark™ Makers Build competition, please contact:

Anthony Marsh: +61 438 435 857
[email protected] | senseag.com

Mike Seddon: +61 498 036 045
[email protected] | senseag.com

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