15 May 16 We found a problem, had an idea, created SenseAg

A healthy and sustainable agriculture sector is key to ensuring we can feed the current and future population. As arable land becomes scarce, resources limited and with the impact of climate change, the agricultural sector is faced with the ongoing challenge of improving productivity.

Whilst there has been a lot of noise around the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) and precision agriculture, SenseAg founders Mike and Anthony felt there was a lack of progress integrating this technology into intelligent end-to-end solutions that deliver real value to farmers.

Both self-proclaimed ‘techies’ with a love for using technology to solve real-world problems, Mike and Anthony saw an opportunity to integrate emerging technologies in active and remote sensing, big data, advanced analytics and machine learning, to help farmers optimise their operations.

We had both spoken with farmers and saw some of the problems they were facing, particularly with the use of all the data they were collecting but struggling to use effectively. It was clear to us very quickly that we could do something about this, and that led to the creation of SenseAg!

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